Cills are manufactured in accordance with BS5642. Cills of greater length than those shown in the tables are available and are made in more than one piece.

Stooled cills are built in at the time of construction. They should be bedded under the stooling only at the time of installation with an inert packer in the centre. The cill should be solidly pointed as the scaffold is taken down upon completion of the construction.

All Forticrete products are CE marked where appropriate.

Cast stone slip cill
Slip Cills

Cills are manufactured in accordance with BS5642.

chamfered slip cill
Chamfered Slip Cill

Chamfered slip cills are designed to close cavity. SC12 are designed for use with render.

90 degree cast stone slip cill
Slip Cills forming 90° at Bay

These are available to suit any standard or special section, please specify cill type and external dimension of brickwork. Purpose-made products are available on request.

45 degree forming cast stone slip cill
Slip Cills forming 45° at Bay

Available to suit any standard or special section, please specify cill type and outer dimension of brickwork. Purpose-made products are available on request.

stooled cast stone slip cill
Stooled Cill

*Specify on ordering

chamfered stool slip cill
Chamfered Stooled Cill

Designed to close cavity. 

*Specify on ordering.

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Are fixings provided for Cast Stone products?

Some Forticrete dressings will incorporate 100mm dovetail slots to restrain lateral movement in vertical units i.e. window jambs, door jambs, etc. All Forticrete copings are supplied with a suitable fixing. Other positional fixings may be provided in items such as window surrounds. Other inserts or anchor slots can be incorporated at the request of the specifier/designer.

Can Cast Stone items be cut or drilled in site?

We would advise not to cut Cast Stone items over 600mm long as they will have one or more steel bars inserted for handling purposes. There is a risk that any cutting or drilling may result in the drill piece or blade making contact with the steel bar and shattering not only the cutting blade but the unit as well. Forticrete can incorporate any holes or dowels at the manufacturing stage. Prior consultation should be sought with the Technical department regarding this.


Can Cast Stone items be repaired?

Yes, but this depends on the size of repair. For small chips up to 25mm in diameter, it is possible to repair these, although it is always likely to be visible. A bag of repair mix can be obtained by speaking to the Customer Services office. We also provide a Technical Information Sheet outlining the process for conducting the repair.


Can the Decorative Heads accept any loadings from masonry above?

No, all Decorative Heads should be used together with a supporting or relieving lintel.

How far apart should control joints be in Cast Stone Ashlar Blocks?

As a general guide movement control joints should be no further apart than at 6m centres.

For any further technical information please contact Forticrete Customer Services on 01909 775000.

How should Stooled Cills be bedded?

Stooled cills should be mortar bedded at the ends only during construction and then the remaining joint pointed with a flexible sealant after construction.

I am using Cast Stone Decorative Heads, how can these be supported?

If the Decorative Head is one piece then a relieving lintel placed over the head is preferred with a soft joint between the Head and steel lintel. If the Head is in two or more parts then it is necessary to have a supporting lintel on which the units can sit.

I do not see a Cast Stone item that meets my requirements?

If the item you require is not available within our Cast Stone Dressings Standard Products - then please send us a sketch of the item required to [email protected] or call our Customer Service Department on 01909 775000.