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Ribloc® Profile

Bold geometric planes create light and shade.

Ribloc masonry, with its eight ribbed appeal, creates clean lines and a geometric uniformity which will give an imposing appearance to any building. Its ribs provide controlled weathering characteristics.

standard profile

Standard Profile

The most popular profile.

This versatile profile provides a multitude of design possibilities through the range of size and finish options available.

twinbloc profile

Twinbloc™ Profile

A ‘stack-bonded’ appearance with structural integrity.

Twinbloc masonry is the fast, sure, economical way to create the impressive appeal of ‘stack bonding’. Created to standard block proportions, Twinbloc incorporates a carefully gauged central groove to give the appearance of two half blocks when laid and yet, as it is laid stretcher-bond, it provides the inherent strength of any DCM wall removing the need for bed-joint reinforcement to stabilise the wall in the majority of situations.

Airbloc masonry profile

Airbloc® Profile*

A discrete ventilation block.

Innovations in the manufacturing process of our DCM allows us to offer a product that solves the issue of incorporating adequate ventilation into a cavity wall. The purpose made air block is available in all finishes allowing the same external façade to be maintained.

Radius Profile

The machine made Radius Block at a set radius of 490mm.

Bullrose masonry profile

Bullnose Profile

Standard 100mm thick block with a 50 x 50mm bullnose on one end.

Fluted masonry profile

Fluted Profile

A variation of Ribloc masonry with only four ribs.

Bullnose masonry profile

Bullnose Quoin Profile

Standard 100mm thick Quoin with a 50 x 50mm radius bullnose.

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