The benefits of using SL8 roof tiles as a slate substitute

Forticrete Sl8

Slate is a popular material for roofing with house owners due to its aesthetics and durability, but there are a whole host of reasons why Forticrete SL8® interlocking roof tiles make a desirable alternative.

There is no denying that a slate roof creates a beautiful and district finish to a home. It is also extremely durable and long lasting. However, on the flip side, it is also extremely expensive. A slate roof can be costly to purchase and install, but what if you could have similar aesthetics and qualities for a fraction of the cost?  Here are the reasons why Forticrete SL8® roof tiles make an excellent substitute.

Impressive aesthetics

The SL8® roof tile has the visual characteristics of natural slate with benefits that no other interlocking tile can match. For instance, its innovative large format provides a more traditional slate appearance and its thin leading edge is up to 50% thinner than alternative large format tiles.

The tiles are available in red, sunrise blend, brown and grey which provides a range of aesthetic options depending on design and location.

Reduced costs

We have already established that slate is expensive, but this is not just because of the cost of the material itself. Slate tiles are also tricky to lay due to their weight and inconsistent nature, and therefore laying should ideally be done by a specialist. SL8® roof tiles are a cost effective alternative to slate as they are lower in cost and are also easier to lay due to their weight, consistency in form and the inclusion of two nail holes for better fixing flexibility.

However, SL8® roof tiles are not only a cost effective alternative to slate, they are also a cost effective alternative to other alternative slate products. This is because they have a superior coverage of just 8 tiles per square metre compared to 10 per m2 for most other brands. This 20% reduction in the number of tiles used means fewer tiles to handle and lay.

Less wastage

As slate is a homogeneous metamorphic rock, it is extremely durable and can potentially last hundreds of years However, it can also be extremely fragile due to its natural cleavage. For instance, a slate tile can be broken by a large branch landing on it or by footfall.

Although SL8® roof tiles are also vulnerable to impact, their high strength means fewer breakages and the packaging has been specifically designed to reduce damage and waste on-site.

Further tips for minimising the amount of wastage during laying can be found within the SL8 brochure.

Tech and support

As well as technical support, including full fixing specifications, Forticrete has a full range of roofing accessories available to use in conjunction with our roof tiles range including:

  • SL8® Vent Tiles
  • SL8® Mechanically Fixed Verge Components
  • Hip and ridge systems

For more information regarding our SL8® roof tiles download a brochure or contact us on 01525 244900.