Forticrete selects Lafarge Cement to lower environmental impact of roof tiles

We are delighted to have selected Lafarge Cement’s SustainaCem to reduce the embodied carbon in our concrete roof tiles.

SustainaCem is a pre-blended, sustainable binder which negates the need for additions and fillers. In switching from a traditional CEM I 52,5N blend to SustainaCem in our concrete roof tiles, we have benefited from a significant reduction in the embodied carbon of the cement used. In total, Lafarge Cement, part of Aggregate Industries, is to supply 25,000 tonnes of SustainaCem to Forticrete for use in our Gemini and Centurion ranges.

Not only that, but the density of the finished product is improved by using SustainaCem, creating a more durable tile that delivers long-lasting performance. This, combined with improved early stage handling strengths of the product, minimises product waste.

The lighter colour of SustainaCem when compared with a traditional Portland cements allows for greater manipulation of colour, resulting in a more attractive finish. SustainaCem also improves the finish and profile of the finished product.

Will Hicks, Group Operations Manager at Forticrete, said: “We’re delighted with the results we get when using SustainaCem, in terms of durability, finish, and environmental impact. By switching the cement used in our roof tiles, we are able to cater to customers that not only want a product that is great to look at and functional, but is forward-looking in terms of its carbon footprint.”

Steve Curley, Commercial Director at Lafarge Cement, said: “SustainaCem is just one of a suite of low embodied carbon solutions that we offer. This is testament to our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, while maintaining or improving the standard of the finished products that our cement is used in.”

“We are delighted that Forticrete has selected SustainaCem for use in their roof tiles – the first such application that it has been used in.”

View our Sustainability Report for more information on the steps we're taking to lower our carbon.

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