Forticrete launches 10° Roof Window System


Forticrete has developed an innovative Roof Window System which guarantees the installation of a roof window as low as 10°, enabling larger, brighter and more welcoming extensions.

Designed primarily for single story extensions, the new Roof Window System features a two-piece tray drainage system which prevents water ingress; a common cause of costly refits for roofers and builders.

In addition, the new Roof Window System is simple and practical to install. The roof felt is fitted from the outset making the roof weatherproof even before the window, tray system and tiles are installed.

John Lambert, General Manager at Forticrete, commented: "Incorporating a low pitch roof design on an extension or renovation enables the homeowner to maximize the space under the roof. But creating natural light at low pitches does present some challenges. Conventional roof windows and flashings allow water to run over the face of the roof tiles which can cause water to pool and navigate its way in-between the tiles. With the only barrier preventing leaks around the roof window being the underlay, this can lead to water ingress.

"We have invested significant time and resource identifying the associated problems and developed a new system which guarantees to overcome these inconveniences. Giving roofers and builders the confidence to design and build low pitch roofs down to 10°, our new two-piece drainage flow system allows water to run underneath the tiles and disperses across the trays, over the fascia and into the gutter in a much more controlled manner."

The new Roof Window System is competitively priced to reflect its innovative design, performance and ease of installation.

With a 10 year product integrity guarantee, the Roof Window System comprises an eaves and window tray, a fixing kit including supporting battens and an underlay support tray, a Fakro FTP-V U3 Centre Pivot Roof Window (size 02 55 x 98 cm), Fakro roofing felt and a quantity of Forticrete's Centurion® low pitch interlocking roof tiles as required for the roof.

Capable of being laid to a rafter pitch as low as 10° degrees, the Centurion® tile boasts wind barriers behind its leading edges which provide a highly effective barrier against the elements. This makes the Centurion® the ideal tile solution for low pitched roofs, particularly for single storey extensions with restricted height constraints or new build projects with a low pitch design. It is available in five colours and a full range of dry fix fittings to suit all applications.