Forticrete welcomes Chief Scientific Adviser’s report “From Waste to Resource Productivity"

waste report

A Government report which offers insight into the value of waste has been welcomed by Forticrete, part of Ibstock plc, a leading manufacturer of concrete construction products.
Authored by Sir Mark Walport and Professor Ian Boyd, the Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), From Waste to Resource Productivity analyses the ways in which waste can be treated as valuable resource. Crucially, it also highlights how technology and new approaches to get the most from waste are being deployed in the UK.
The report has been widely welcomed by leading trade organisations including the Mineral Products Association (MPA) and the Environmental Services Association. In particular, the MPA welcomes the report's recognition of the valuable recycling and energy recovery that the UK cement industry provides through the process of 'co-processing'.
For many years, concrete product manufacturers - including Forticrete - have taken progressive steps to improve waste management for the benefit of the environment.
John Lambert, Managing Director of Forticrete, comments: “We welcome the report from the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser. The view that greater focus should be placed on the lifetime of developments, and how recycling and waste management will be achieved during their operation, is one we unreservedly agree with.
“As a supplier of concrete building products, the lifespan is a key element within the specification process. Whilst concrete products have not always been seen as the most sustainable choice, their durability means they are an ecological choice.
“We are committed to sustainable manufacturing and this is demonstrated by our compliance to the updated version of ISO14001:2015, which was attained in September 2017, a year before it comes into effect.
“Our production processes are continually evolving, with sustainability and a commitment to the circular economy at the heart of our strategy. This report is important because it recognises the steps manufacturers such as us are taking to reduce our impact on society.
“To make the best use of the report, businesses across the supply chain need to work together so it can be used by the Government in its policy making process.”
All of Forticrete process waste is 100% recycled either by ourselves into the manufacturing process or externally processed and recycled into secondary aggregates or hardcore. No Forticrete process waste goes to landfill.
The report can be downloaded from here.

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