Forticrete feeling optimistic in 2018

House building with gemini roof tiles

John Lambert, Managing Director at Forticrete.

There are many reasons to be optimistic in 2018.

In his Autumn statement, the Chancellor announced plans to increase financial support to housing with the aim of building 300,000 houses on average each year. As a majority of our products are sold to the new build market we expect there to be an increase in demand.

However, with an increased housing target to meet, there is a risk that housebuilders could face lengthy waits for popular building materials due to shortages. Anticipating this, we have invested consistently over the last decade and in more recent times (2016), we invested £8.5m bringing additional roof tile capacity to the market. Not only does this ensure housebuilders have the products they need, but so too do the architects looking to ensure their projects enhance the visual appeal of the built environment.

Material specification will also be key in achieving housing targets. The combination of planning constraints which can slow the path of progress alongside a well document shortage of skills in the construction sector, means housebuilders will need products that offer sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to natural stone and slate than can be deployed easily. When we design a new product, we do so with ease of use in mind so they are appropriate to the current climate. We whole heartedly welcomed the Government’s commitment to providing additional funding to develop constructions skills as this is an essential investment in the future of the industry. 

The biggest area of uncertainty will come from Brexit. Nobody really knows how it is going to affect the economy and our own industry and this could create a period of instability. The most important thing is to be prepared for any bumps in the road.

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