We are aware of our responsibility to future generations

We are constantly aware of our responsibility to future generations and this awareness permeates all of our activities whilst supplying products to the UK construction industry, from the simplest day-to-day operations to the incorporation of sustainability targets in the establishment of long-term partnerships with our supply chain and the achievement of the responsible sourcing standard BES 6001.

We are conscious that to achieve true sustainability, we must take into consideration all four of the ‘pillars’ that sustain our future wellbeing:

  • Social progress
  • Protection of the environment
  • Prudent use of resources
  • Maintenance of economic growth.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products


In the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products Standard BES 6001, Forticrete Forticrete has been awarded the highest performance rating of “excellent” in six out of seven factory assessments.

The BES 6001 standard demonstrates that a building material is sustainable and has been produced in a way that has minimised its environmental impact. We received the accreditation for all our product groups – roofing, stone and masonry, covering all our manufacturing sites.

The prudent use of resources is high on our agenda and means so much more than the recycling of paper at all our office and factory locations, minimising water usage by installing push-operation taps, turning off lights when they are not necessary and computers when we go home at night - although all of these are important and are all part of our ethos.

We look to source our raw materials from responsible suppliers who can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Download a copy of our Sustainability Charter Certificate.